Uhuru Peak: The Quest for Mt. Kilimanjaro: WHAT YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND: part 2

The Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro Davine A. Green

If you've been following how the Quest for Kilimanjaro came to past posts and pictures, but you HAVEN'T read the book, then all you can do is conjour up assumptions of what you think happened.

The book was published in March of 2005. Now some 15 plus years later I received a call from a book distribution operation in Los Angles--having read the book (or claiming to have) and finding "strong" interest in resurrecting the title and having it featured at an upcoming international book fair.

In the post: UHURU PEAK! The Quest for MT. KILIMANJARO: The 1997 Quest for Sponsorship: Part 1 Documents from the original 1997 prospectus was provided to illustrate the efforts in seeking to obtain funding in carrying off this trek. If you read the documents, you know that the efforts were unsuccessful.

The Quest for Mt. Kilimanjaro is NOT I repeat is NOT a book about technical mountain climbing. If you've read the book,

The Quest For MT. Kilimanjaro is:

  • Having the guts and the courage to believe in who you are and what you want to accomplish.

  • Knowing despite the negativity and weaknesses in people we're surrounded by--there are people who are thoughtful, selfless and motivated. I met them and was aided by them in making that journey come to reality.

  • That you don't have to beg for sponsorship or someone to help you.

The motivation needed to planning an expedition for your life.

The discipline needed.