THE EXPERIENCE: : Proposal for long-term jazz stability

The question? What makes the music have an impact? Is it a venue that becomes hard to get booked into and designates only a specific night it's played. Or is it a creation of another form of artist created venues and networks.

I remember one time talking a man who was renting the basement of a building he had, turned into a jazz club. Nothing sophisticated. Tables and chairs, and a bandstand. Similar to the picture. Finger food and beverage, nothing elaborate served, and a cover for admission and food.

Then I watched a jazz video that featured a trio in the UK playing in what appeared to be the dining room of someone home. But the place was packed many sitting on the floor. It convinced me that jazz needs to rebuild a network or community of artists and patrons.

How many rooms, buildings, houses where the music doesn't disturb the neighbors, are for rent or sale? Individuals willing to open up spaces to create, forming an alliance between them and other venues across the country or the world--creating an association where the artist can play regularly and tour other spots within the network.

Let's think blues music doesn't sell that well in the US, but still, there are blues festivals and still plenty of venues that keep the blues alive and well. And it hasn't stopped the blues artists from playing and some making a living.

People are too weak to take control, and artists become dependent on the powers to be to create opportunities instead of creating it themselves.

It is establishing an association not just allocated to the United States but the world--which has an appreciation for the art that is being produced by a real artist.

Not to say those types of people don't exist in the US, they do, and many of them have the means to help in facilitating, as well as providing aid in establishing this association/organization.

I realize that playing harmonica jazz, it will not appeal to many, but its that following I'm able to create and the support of those fans--who do buy the music and will come to see the performances.

We can't please everyone, nor should we try! But artists, be it visual or auditory, have reason to unite so that art doesn't become a thing lost to fads which require minimal talent or effort. Where you don't have to pay attention, nor appreciate it!