I came to 10-10-1 with the idea of doing a series of nu-jazz recordings, but arriving at something different in thought.

The cover of the CD features a coming tsunami, which is metaphoric for the elimination of what was--ushering change.

That change was the journey of music, which makes it out of the path of destruction, then starts this tumultuous journey to "experience" music by combining harmonica jazz, nu-jazz, and other musical concepts into an infinite project. The tracks you hear on this CD have distinctive names and meanings--defined by 10-10-1 himself.

Inconsolable Awakening- Opening and understanding that change is about to go down. No way, shape, or form can you be consoled, comforted, heartsick, discouraged, distressed, knowing what comes next.

Infinite Rise- Intensity stacking up, surging, accelerating at an unprecedented speed, climbing and ascending to the highest rung, measureless, unbounded--an immense force that has no limits.

Complex Sight- It is the art of seeing without seeing, being able to view upon many intricate angles, and diagram a system of interrelated viewpoints on a continual level.

Piercing Paradox- There is a surrounding mystery, enveloped by an unknown anomaly that penetrates like a dagger, perforating existence as we know it.

Conceptual Gravitation-The forces of abstraction and conceptualization pulled together by great minds!

Dynamic Vitality- To survive, one must be versatile and think beyond the beyond and understand it takes more than more. And that's the vital part, every heartbeat/a million things could happen.

Mutinous Peace- There will be peace. Nothing will halt it; nothing will waver it; nothing will deny it's the presence of its power. Revolting peace obeys no commandments, no formulas, no models, no regimen, no order, no rules. There will be peace!