The ABSTRATIONIST LAYER: Why the Contemporary Art World Is Insufferable: PERSPECTIVE 2

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Why the Contemporary Art World Is Insufferable, Corrupted by the Super-Rich by Sola Agustsso (Perspective 2: Art is a SPECTACLE)

The article written by Mr. Agustsso clearly does express much of what we may know or think of when it comes to the world of art.

A look at Mr. Agustsso's analogy of the situation:


In Mr. Agustsso's article, his next point is that art has become a SPECTACLE! And as you can see by the two examples, I've provided--again, his statement is correct.

Mr. Agustsso states that he attended an exhibit held at the Guggenheim in New York City. Upon arrival--a massive amount of people had come to this opening. It was some sort of light show which, in the end, Mr. Agustsso found the showing to be a major disappointment.

Look at the installations pictures on this post, would you spend resources on them?

If so, where would you put them? Do you have space or room enough to display them?

Besides what the ARTIST tells you this creation is supposed to be, or represent, in your reality--whatever that might be, would you still question the significance of the work? Are the images you see above nothing more than insults to your intelligence?

But, with the right pitch, promotion, and venue, we can sell these works, and considering that you see images of them already, someone invested the time to display and probably purchased.

A SPECTACLE, can be profound or utterly ridiculous. The two images I've presented, for the moment, fill your mind with thoughts of--"what does it represent, or what comes into my head when you view it."

The illusion that it connects to something prophetic or profound, futuristic, or some political or social commentary. Does this make you that much more INTERESTED?

In the long term, beyond rationalization and justifications for its existence, you've convinced yourself the artist has made a SPECTACLE OUT OF YOU! But he/she is justified in doing so...for art's sake.

For this, Mr. Agustsso is valid in his assessment.