Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Moving Forward was an experimental CD. I recorded it after searching around for a composite of the right mix of nu-jazz rhythms and flow.

The idea comes from a rigorous practice of playing the diatonic harmonica.

It not about how much money I made off of it.

I'm not about to kiss ass just to be respected and appreciated.

Not everything in life is about trying to prove yourself for the sake of a pat on the back.

Moving Forward is a tribute to the passing of the time, out of many instruments I attempted to play--the harmonica was the only one that in times of solitude or transit, it always serves its purpose.

To MOVE FORWARD was to learn and create, which I did through my ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS: Painting, martial arts, writing, and music.

Moving Forward IS sacrifices, courage, and discipline. The transition of light, into the stillness of darkness.

As part of me fading to black, the remaining side of my existence sees only that which is not there.

Only until I reject what I'm told I'm supposed to be, and what I need to become, then will I travel the road to triumph or tragedy--It's MOVING FORWARD no matter where it goes.