Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Exploring for Deeper Meaning 57 1/2 x 50 acrylic on canvas The Chris Paradise Collection

Success can be a long and tumultuous road of moments where you despise the repetitiveness of daily life--the rudeness, blind ambitions, allegories, and placating behaviors. You can't make people like what you do, why even care, but you do, you care about how they view you, how you present yourself, and respond.

When you entered this site, your link to me is through what you see, hear, and read. But to convince you to follow or collect--how preposterous to even suggest it! Many will respond, listen to--and become collectors.

A good many have no intent on doing anything but looking at the pictures and listening to the music...the hell with the reading--that's more effort than one's ability to allot.

So I offer you a simple strategy for EXPRESSIONISM. Its how I create abstractions on canvas, in music, in training, and LIFE!

Create works that are TRUE WORKS OF EXPRESSIONISM.

DO not attempt to bend over backward, trying to please others.

DO not waste time, but utilize every precise moment arriving soundly at the solution and deliver the creation.

DO not imitate others

BE consistent

BE innovative

BE procreative

BE natural in form

BE discovered through self-actualization and the POWER of KNOWING...TRUE POWER! REAL POWER! Unadulterated energy that cultivates and twines into every fiber of your being.

GROW in essence, find oneness, but let it not wavier or teeter on indecisiveness and lethargy.

Share the most trusted secrets to your form with your dog or cat (if you have one, or keep them to yourself) reveal to them all --and bear in mind your secrets will be forever safe.

AS for PEOPLE. They say they like you, love you, need you, support you, are there for you--RIGHT?

Just as well--your dog or cat would only turn from you or run away, out of your neglect or failure of responsibility, BUT at least they won't tweet about or look to gain Facebook followers-- or make an Instagram posts.

Worry not of your life, your age, your status, your ethnicity--let not your fears deplete the abundance of stability in your body-mind /mind-body.

REST as hard as you PRESERVE yourself.

Don't SPIT BLOOD for the sake of REWARD without genuinely understanding the cause for which you fight.

BUT when you FIGHT, show BENEVOLENCE and FIGHT to the very END.