Updated: Nov 4, 2019

My interest in music started early in grade school studying violin and piano, eventually going on to study flute, guitar, trumpet, upright bass, and voice. I became versed in the lyrics and musical styles of many artists from jazz, rock, pop, r&b, soul, funk, and country. In 2006, a friend suggested playing the diatonic harmonica, which I picked up and has yet to put it down. I started working on teaching myself an unusual approach to playing.

I've read that you can't play jazz with the diatonic harp. Specific notes are absent--and instruments like the trumpet and saxophone traditionally engage most jazz style tunes. In response, jazz harp players who play diatonic harps and successfully can produce chromatic scales--or they play chromatic harmonicas (Carlos del Junco, Frédéric Yonnet, Grégoire Maret-chromatic harp, Howard Levy, Lee Oscar, Stevie Wonder -chromatic harp more so in R&B, and the late Toots Thielemans) have opened the doors to a new sound entering into a world that was dominated by trumpets and saxes.

Jazz influences like Miles, Monk, Coltrane, Dizzy and many others--inspired my practice and shaped my thinking, the advent of jazz forms very different from the traditional or smooth jazz sounds form what I refer to as; nu-jazz, soundscape jazz, techno-jazz, conceptual jazz ideas, jazz-rock, and jazz-rock fusion pioneered in the later '60s by groups like Steely Dan, Weather Report and artists like Miles Davis, Herbie Handcock, Chick Corea, and John McLaughlin--just to name a few.

The Davine-Antional Green Experience is a creation that uses rhythm section backing tracks as I have done in performances or collaborating with--experimental beats and rhythm composer and producer 10-10-1.

Now, this Experience is moving to formulate a group which will further this nu-jazz concept--combined with various selections taken out of the catalogs of jazz legends of past; bringing a bold sound--brash, tenacious, energetic, and different.

Welcome to the Davine-Antional Green Experience.