ABSTRACTIONIST LAYER: Energy radiates from Davine-Antional Green's paintings.

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

It is from a deep well of subtle spiritual, mind, and body understanding that the works of Davine-Antional Green come. Each piece is approached individually, the style adapting fluidly to the needs and expressions of the artist. Working in the manner of the Abstract Expressionists, Green employs broad sweeping brushstrokes that race through his canvases. Starting with a plain ground--the marks are repeatedly layered and appear to float just above the painting's surface, creating a tremendous feeling of depth. Green's colors are intense, often contrasting hues. In some works, these blends seemingly into oblivion; in others, they form meandering barriers that bisect the canvas with their distinct forms. The result is a vital energy that radiates from the paintings, connecting directly with the viewer.