THE ABSTRACTIONIST LAYER: Looking deeper into the layer

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The Abstractionist Layer is a building process--a foundation built on the constructs of the canvas, paint, and the tools necessary in its creation.

"We've created societies and elevated human beings to extraordinary heights, but since death is an inconvenient truth to life, we've created sub-realities to include aliens, gods, ghosts, and other paranormal activities; illicit drugs to alter our state of being, our mentally and physically, in hopes that our never-ending state of belief in salvation.

The Abstractionist Layer is a search for meaning, truth, knowledge, faith, justice, success, peace, order, but importantly, REALITY.

We are living in the confines of our mortal existence.

We permeate and perpetuate hate, fear, deception, annihilation, and extinction--surround ourselves with money and material possessions, that we can only sell, purchase, and trade.

Were faced with aging, disease, deterioration of consciousness, isolation, emptiness, and the hopes that through the rituals and procedures of salvation, one day will awaken to a glorified body, and a perpetual everlasting paradise.

Within this LAYER:

You'll come to realize; it's more realistic to be closer to the birds, as a watcher and appreciator, then to believe you will ever have the wings to fly with them.