The "Warriors Path"

We're faced in this world with a battle; a battle against fear, doubt, confusion, hesitation, and surprise and all its combinations. The professional warrior must not only confront these challenges, but must build strong foundations and provide training to those who seek stability. A warrior is not a soldier. A warrior is not a survivor of some illness or disease. A warrior is not an athlete. A warrior is none of these—though we hear the term "warrior" it is nearly always affiliated with the above. THE “WARRIORS PATH” is a call to action to confront greed, selfishness, materialistic gain, narcissistic beauty, and fear of age and the uncertainty of what happens upon death; developing yourself without emulation or imitation of others. Live in harmony and balance connected within nature and the universe. THE “WARRIORS PATH” encourages one to seek, experience, and use the strategies necessary to live life to the fullest and die without regret; resolve insecurities and take responsibility to change your mentality to find balance. Davine Green explores the principles and philosophy of the code of a true warrior and offers a comprehensive lesson plan followed by a contract of commitment. This informative text is part of a continual series leading to a stronger and more stable state of being. THE “WARRIORS PATH” encourages “you” to begin your walk down the path to fortitude and clarity and becoming a professional warrior in mind and body.


The Quest For Mt. Kilimanjaro

Drawing on his personal diary, Davine Green documents his preparation and the journey of his 2004 solo expedition up the world's highest freestanding mountains and largest volcanoes. The Quest for Mt. Kilimanjaro is one man's mission of honor, fortitude, benevolence, discipline, and courage. His refusal to be stereotyped, fear-driven, weak, and insecure; a real testament of spiritual, mental, and physical unification.

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