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"Seeking destiny, having a serious conviction can mean either victory or defeat. For me, trying first to understand purpose-- then work steadily to achieve the objectives".

His interest in music started early in grade school studying violin and piano, eventually going on to study flute, guitar, trumpet, upright bass, and voice. He became versed in many artists' lyrics and musical styles from jazz, rock, pop, r&b, soul, funk, and country.

In 2006, a friend suggested playing the diatonic harmonica, which he picked up and has yet to put down. He started working on teaching himself an unusual approach to playing. He read that you can't play jazz with the diatonic harp. Specific notes are absent--and instruments like the trumpet and saxophone traditionally engage most jazz-style tunes.


The Davine-Antional Green Experience is a creation that used rhythm section tracks to create harmonic lyrics.

The Experience is moving to formulate ideas that will further nu-jazz--combined with various selections taken out of the catalogs of jazz legends of the past; we look to create a bold, edgy, brash, tenacious, and energetic style of music.

Davine A. Green

Welcome to the Davine A Green Experience.

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